Dear Colleagues

Consultation for ‘Healthy Lifestyle Promoter’ - Lifelong Learning Qualification

We would like bring to your attention a very important project for the European fitness sector and would very much appreciate the contribution of your outstanding expertise in sport and exercise science to this project.

The attached ‘Healthy Lifestyle Promoter’ qualification has been developed as part of the Erasmus plus project 'New Health Programme'. It aims to provide sports- and lifestyle organisations, professionals, volunteers and consumers with easily accessible and understandable knowledge and tools.

The following is a brief interview with the EuropeActive representatives in the project, Julian Berriman and Anna Szumilewicz of the EuropeActive Professional Standards Committee. The interview gives a short introduction to the nature and intended impact of the project.

The role of the ‘Healthy Lifestyle Promoter’ is to support communities and individuals in leading a healthy lifestyle through promotional and informational activities (e.g. in the field of health-enhancing exercise and diet, sleep and mental habits and behaviour change).

We recently commenced the external consultation process as the next step towards the finalisation of these new standards and we would appreciate your feedback. The more experts involved, the better. Therefore, we need your support.

The draft standards document, open for external consultation, can be found by clicking here. The deadline to receive your comments is the 25th of May 2020. To provide these comments please either complete and send us the official comments form or simply send them to:

Many thanks for your support in advance. We strongly believe that with your expertise and experience this project can bring great benefit in adding to the employability of exercise professionals and the credibility of the fitness sector. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely,

Julian Berriman, MA. Director, Professional Standards Committee